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At Emil Herzberg Martial Arts Academy (E.H.M.A.A), we pride ourselves on delivering a professional and enriching experience in the world of Kickboxing and Freestyle Karate. Established in 2013 by the visionary Emil Herzberg, our academy has become a leading institution in Cannock, Staffordshire, with a reputation for excellence.

Within our academy, we have assembled an exceptional team of experienced and dedicated instructors who are committed to your growth and development. Our instructors and volunteers undergo rigorous screening processes, including DBS checks, and hold N.A.K.M.A.S safe kids accreditation. They are also trained in first aid, ensuring your safety at all times.

Our instructors bring a wealth of knowledge gained through years of training and expertise in various martial arts disciplines. They are dedicated to helping you achieve your personal goals, whether it involves boosting self-confidence, enhancing fitness levels, expanding your social circle, progressing through our comprehensive syllabus, or competing on a tournament stage. The possibilities are endless, and our instructors will guide and support you every step of the way.

E.H.M.A.A prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of excellence throughout the academy. Since our establishment, we have nurtured and trained individuals who have ascended to the coveted status of Black Belts, as well as those who have achieved remarkable success on national, regional, and even international stages.

We believe that fitness should be not only beneficial but also enjoyable. At E.H.M.A.A, we have formulated fitness routines that are tailored to your lifestyle and personal goals, making each session fun and effective. Whether you are a new member or have been a part of our family for years, we provide everything you need to stay healthy and feel great.

We understand that taking the first step can often be the most challenging part of any fitness journey. That's why we are here to take care of the rest. Our welcoming and supportive environment will enable you to transcend your limits and unlock your full potential. With our expert guidance and state-of-the-art facilities, your fitness aspirations are within reach.

Join us at E.H.M.A.A and unlock a world of professional martial arts training. Explore our website to learn more about our academy, our instructors, and the multitude of opportunities available to you. Let us inspire you to embark on a remarkable journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

Our Services


Our kids kickboxing program is designed to help children aged 5-13 develop their physical fitness, self-defense skills, and confidence in a fun and safe environment. Our experienced instructors use age-appropriate techniques and drills to teach the fundamentals of kickboxing while emphasizing the importance of discipline, respect, and teamwork. Whether your child is a beginner or has some experience, our program is tailored meet their individual needs and goals. Join us today and watch your child grow stronger, more confident, and more resilient!

Cadets & Adults

Our cadets & adults program is designed for individuals aged 13 and above who are interested in learning new skills and challenging themselves. Our program offers a variety of activities and training sessions that are tailored to meet the needs of each participant. Whether you are looking to improve your physical, develop leadership skills, or simply have fun, our program has something for everyone. Join us today and become part of a supportive community that is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


Our fighting class for ages 5+ is designed to help children develop their physical and mental abilities in a safe and controlled environment. Through our classes, children learn self-defense techniques, discipline, and respect for themselves and others. We put into practice what is learned in our classes through controlled sparring sessions, which help children build confidence and improve their skills. Join us today and watch your child grow both physically and mentally!

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